Established in 2005, the Czarna Gallery began as an independent network of exhibitions, hosted by some of the most progressive art galleries in Poland. Since January 2007, the Gallery has expanded to include its own main gallery space in a historic building in downtown Warsaw.

The Czarna Gallery fosters innovative dialogues between artists and independent art curators and collaborates closely with artists to provide them assistance in realizing their visions.

In addition, the Czarna Gallery promotes Polish Art abroad through participation in Art Fairs, lobbying internationally for Polish artists in collective and individual exhibitions abroad, organizing artist residencies, and publishing the work of Polish artists in art publications.

Our vision for the future is to act as a catalyst in the artistic education of society and expand the Czarna Gallery into a larger organization dedicated to broadening the cultural understanding of contemporary art. We will achieve this through a well-defined program of regular exhibitions and residential stays for artists and curators, as well as expanding our reach into various media with our own publishing division and a television program for promoting contemporary art and art education.