It is most likely unfair to express that the culture of some countries is richer, more diverse, and more captivating than others. But if that is certainly ever true, it may perhaps be not outrageous to say that Poland might be one of the countries which have the most attractive cultures. If you are not convinced, try planning to Poland to see it yourself. But before you need to do, why not ready up your eyes and tongue first using the following teasers:

Polish Art

Polish art possesses a rich repertoire of valuable and historical artwork. Influences from European, particularly Italian art, maybe noticed from paintings and sculptures. And although Polish art features strong European characteristics, there are also unique Polish features that could be seen.

Some paintings depict history or celebrate famous personalities. For instance, the 18th-century painting of Teofil Kwiatkowski is a beautiful depiction of Chopin’s polonaises. Polish art also contains functions by Impressionist artists. There also works that depict styles like Realism and Symbolism.

Polish Architecture

Stunning – is most likely one word to spell out the monumental architectural kind of Poland. You will see styles that are common to European countries. So be prepared to see castles, palaces, and baroque churches. Intricate information artistic quality decorate both interiors and exteriors of the buildings.

Sadly, however, many historical events took their toll on lots of Poland’s most prized historical structures. Many of the great palaces, castles, and churches were destroyed through the wars. At present, you’ll find most of them at their restored or reconstructed form. Still, Polish architecture is often a sight to behold.

Polish Cuisine

Go to Poland and also have a meal two. After then, you may quickly understand that Poles love great food on his or her plate. Yes, Polish foods are hearty at best. To truly enjoy what Polish cuisine can give, you might want to ignore calorie count for a while. Expect a great deal of meat, lots of creamy sauces, salad-grade vegetables, and a lot of appetizing spices.

Polish meals will normally have lots of pork, beef, and/or chicken. A colorful number of vegetables often compliment the dish. A good example of such a dish could be the Kotler Schabowy – an appetizing dish that comes with meats, sauces, plus a variety of vegetables and spices. And to complement their daily dietary intake, Poles like to have a fantastic soup. Creamy soups such as tomato soup and rosol are common favorites.

You will see however that Poles are mainly satisfied with their sausage and bread products. And yes, polish sausage is available in a lot of delicious varieties. And their bread makes an excellent complement to their soups and creamy dishes.

Polish Music

Traditional Polish music is the most suitable called lively, powerful, energetic, and moving. You can definitely feel this from Polonaises and Mazurkas. These classical music genres are mostly popularized by the Polish composer Frederic Chopin who also actually is known worldwide as ‘The Poet with the Piano’.

Because of Polish music history dates long back, the continent, in addition, has developed unique genres such as the poezja spiewana. The country also has a good amount of classical music in their repertoire including manuscripts from Stary Sacz, Parisian music from Notre Dame, and also baroque music influences from Italian composers.

Modern polish music, however, is a lot more diverse – thanks to the United States’ openness and acceptance of music business cultures. Modern music includes jazz, heavy metal, rock music, and contemporary music styles.