Have you ever wondered what the purpose of art is? What has prompted individuals throughout history to deliberately arrange elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions? Unsurprisingly, there is no single one answer to these questions.

The various reasons for the creation of art can be classified into non-motivated and motivating reasons. Non-motivated purposes of art can be described as those that go beyond the individual. The belief here is that art is essential to being human, as art is creativity, and creativity is something humans yearn for by nature. These purposes include the basic human instinct for harmony, experience of the mysterious, expression of the imagination and universal communication. Motivated purposes of art suggest that art is an intentional and conscious activity performed by the artist or creator. The motivation of the artist can come through the desire for political change, to express an opinion on a specific facet of society, to put across a particular emotion or mood, for commercial intentions, or merely as a manner of communication.

The roles of art throughout history mentioned above are not necessarily mutually exclusive. One of the fundamental issues facing post-modern art (after the 1970s) is that the world is becoming increasingly rational, practical, and market-driven. The consequence of this is that the presence of symbolic art, and non-motivated art in general, is becoming more and more uncommon.

Which brings us to our next question Art Prints vs Original Art Work

When looking to buy a piece of artwork you will have to decide whether to search the art galleries for original pieces or for art prints. There are many advantages of both types of art. This article will outline the benefits of each.

In terms of original artwork the obvious advantage compared to an art print is that when you purchase an original piece of art you become the owner of something unique. No one else in the world will own a piece of artwork that is identical to yours. There is something special in looking at a piece of art and knowing that it is an original – one of a kind, and that you are the exclusive owner of it There is also a chance that an original piece of art could be a very good investment. You never know if generations down the line your art may turn out to be a very valuable family asset.

On the other hand art prints have their strong points as well. You will find that they price favorably compared to original works. There is obviously a larger selection to choose from with art prints, and they can be customized in terms of their size, framing and surface. Also, if you see an art print that you like at a friend’s house, or just out and about, you can easily get yourself a copy of it. If you are not a purist, and you do not really care about collecting art then prints are a better option than original paintings for decorating your walls. Original works take a lot of time and effort to produce – therefore they are a lot more expensive than art prints. Also, although purchasing original artwork can be a good investment for the knowledgeable buyer, it requires a lot of research and study that is beyond the casual buyer. For this reason art prints are the better option for these people.